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I have a small Electrical Contracting Business in  the Northeast Atlanta Area. I offer 24 Hour a Day/7 Day a Week Services for our Customers. As I was watching the Morning News, I received a Call around 7:45am. Being Saturday morning, my customer was surprised to find his Electrical Contractor answering the Phone so Early.

This fellow had a 3 Ton Air Conditioning unit installed the Day before. To his dismay, after the install, he lost the use of his deep well. Later upon further review, he realized that his coffee pot had burned completely up!

After some discussion, we agreed I would arrive at his home a few short hours later. After arrival, we began troubleshooting the situation. I removed the Electrical Panel’s Cover. I found a set of 14/2 Romex Wire cut off, only a couple of inches long. The Receptacles, that had burned up the Coffee Pot, had no power. With no other clues, I uninstalled the receptacles. There seemed to be no damage. At this point I made the decision to seek out answers to the Electrical Issue under the Crawl Space.

After gathering more hand tools, I made the Descent under the Home. After a short search, I located the Service Entrance Wire and the Other home runs. I soon found another 14/2 Romex wire that was cut off inches from the entrance for the Home Runs. Then the fun began. I found a #8/2 set of wires terminated in Free air to a set of #12/2 Romex Set.The National Electric Code requires any connections of live circuits to be in a Contained Junction Box, even when Mechanically Connected. So  we returned topside to turn the power of on the 20 Amp 2/Pole Breaker. Then we installed junction boxes, bonding jumpers, and romex connectors to protect the insulated wire.

Next we checked out the power feed to the Deep Well Pump. The pump had no power. So I returned topside. I tied the White and The Black wire in the panel together. I returned down below to check continuity. I had continuity. Returning upstairs, I then connected the wire that the HVAC contractor had cut in the panel. A few minutes later  the water pressure had returned.

Just because your Plumber can operate a radial saw doesn’t qualify him to contract Carpentry work. These people  luckily had no real damage to their property. THE HOUSE COULD HAVE BURNED COMPLETELY.

The moral to this story is Electricity can be dangerous. Always consult a Licensed Electrician before performing Electrical System.